PSAid is a website which is focused on giving proper info to PSAs shared around on the internet. We do this by working with multiple Staff teams of different places on the internet!
This project was started by Arcaxon in order to make Discord less of a wild west of information! We will always do our best to give the best info possible!

Our Mission is to keep the internet as free of misinformation on internet safety as possible!

Current Staff Teams Participating in PSAid's Mission

TSG!'s Staff Team: http://TheSquishGang.com
Star Warrior's Staff Team: http://www.starwarriorscomic.com/

Want Your Staff Team to Help PSAid on it's Mission?

Contact Arcaxon via:
Via Email: @
Via Twitter: https://twitter.com/Arcaxon
Via Discord: @Arcaxon#0059
Via Telegram: https://telegram.me/Arcaxon