PSA on Steam Scam Websites (Recent Discord Shared PSA)

 Arcaxon    13 Feb 2019
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Originally posted on 12th of February 2019 By: Gunny Waffle of the Star Warrior's Server Mod Team

Hey everyone got another PSA for you all. This one is fairly obvious, but not so obvious that we can ignore it.

There is a phishing scam (fake acquisition of credentials) going around for Steam users.
Do not click any links going to gamexbundle as they are stealing logins IF you log in. There is a chance that you will auto-login, which lead to the instant-theft reports.

This is standard and common for internet security, and there are easy ways to avoid these:
1) Do not click on URLs that you do not recognize. Google them first!
2) Use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) when possible. Steam offers this as Steam Guard. You are immune to phishing logins if you use 2FA!
3) Do not use the same password everywhere, just in case, you know?

That's about it. Practice general internet safety and you are fine. The only risk here is blindly clicking and not using 2FA.
This is not some scary new problem. There are thousands of these, we just got the confirmed name of one that people are falling for lately.

Thank you to those who reported,
-- Star Warrior's Server Mod Team

There are other domains too:
- spindatgamex
- windatgamex
- spins-luck


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